Nickee Aldana

About Me
My name is Nickee. I have been a licensed nail tech since 2003 (license number 169.017387). My personal goal in attending nail school was to eventually put myself through cosmetology school. After providing nail services for a few years I realized how much I love my job and I'm doing exactly what I want to do. My destiny was chosen for me and I couldn't be happier! I provide nail services in a salon 3 days a week and rarely feel like I go to a job. I decided in 2013 to move my career forward by doing the other thing I love, talking about nails and nail technology! What better way to do that than to teach? Sticking with the flexible schedule and focus on my family that I hold so dear to my heart, I chose the route of continuing education. I love what I do and hope I can help you in providing the best services you can and in turn reap the benefits of loving what you do!